Gift Packing Courses Delhi

Kalakriti Academy is a multi-activity centre in Delhi and a one-stop shop for all art and craft lovers. If you improve your skill of Gift packing profession then Gift Packing Courses in Delhi is the best way. They conduct classes and workshops for activities like craft classes, paper quilling , sospeso trasparente flower making classes, mulberry flower making classes, calligraphy workshops, designer box making, decoupage, fancy gift wrapping and packaging,

Designer flower making classes. They regularly conduct classes, seminars and workshops for corporates, small groups and even for individuals. They have been in the business for more than 10 years now and understand the importance of creativity. They have a wide spectrum of courses and training options available and provide the participants with a wonderful way to master arts and craft. The art and craft classes at kalakriti, play a key role in polishing the hidden talents and abilities of kids and adults through their courses in music classes, sports training, cooking classes, gift wrapping classes, dance classes. Their classes include any hobby,


Course duration : 6 weeks

•Envelope designing •Thermacol packing
•Note box •Bunches / net bows / ribbon bows
•Coin box •Net note box
•Paper bag •Fabric saree cover
•Aurgandi flower •Folding of saree
•Stocking flower/ shanic flower •Ring ceremony treys
•Japanies flower/tissue flowers •With ring treys
•Net flowe/ golden flower •Thali decoration/ mehandi ki raat
•Mash wire bowls for dry fruits •Small arrangement with ribbon
•Mash wire tray •Pipe zig –zak depth
•Buquet case •Gents suits
•Basket case •Kids suits
•Depth treyhard board of net •Chocolates with card/ card presentation
•Rolls •Cosmetic
•Saree packing/bed covers •lehanga
•Basket decoration  


Course duration : 15weeks

•Conceptualization Of Ideas And Implementation
•Theme Packaging
•Creative Materials
•Wedding Lehenga
•Baby Showers
•Ring Platters
•3D Packaging
•Many More Wedding Packing
•Marketing And Promotions
•Aware About Packaging Costing, Pricing Etc.
•Latest Techniques And Trends.